djuice 2 G internet packages by telenor


Djuice Internet Packages
Telenor is a popular telecom company in Pakistan. Telenor has divided its users in to Talkshalk Users and Djuice customers. Many of Telenor Internet packages are for both Djuice and Talkshalk customers. However the Telenor Internet Packages only for Djuice are below. All these Internet bundles for Djuice users only and Telenor Talkshalk users are not eligible to subscribe to these Internet offers.

All these Djuice Internet Bundles are 2G only. However if you are a Djuice users and want to subscribe for 3G Internet Bundles then these Internet packages are not for you because all these Djuice Internet Packages can be used on 2G speed.

Following are the Djuice Internet Packages along with charges, data volume (in MBs), Validity and subscription stings/code.
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