Zong Ramzan Internet Offer 2016 1GB for Rs 12 per Day

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Zong Ramzan Internet Offer 2016
Whenever the Islamic holy month of Ramazan begins, the daily routine of all Pakistanis changes because of Ramazan. Many Internet users sleep at daytime while use Internet at night time. With the importance and change in the daily routine of Ramazan, mostly Pakistani cellular companies introduce special packages and offers to their users at every month of Ramzan.

Zong, which is one of the five telecom companies in Pakistan, has also launched Ramzan Internet Offer to its users. Zong has introduced the Daytime Daily Internet Package for the holy month of Ramzan of 2016. Now Zong users will get 1GB data bundle for Rs. 12 only.

Previously we have shared the complete info about Telenor Ramzan Internet Package for 2016. We will also share other companies packages whenever they introduce.

Now Zong users will get 1GB Zong Mobile Internet bundle for Rs. 12/day for the whole month of Ramzan from 04:00 AM to 07:00 PM.
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